Our Service: Performance Management

The highest potential for optimization can be found in processes and leadership in five different areas of work:

  • Identification of the most innovative and sophisticated products
  • Optimizing development cycles
  • Embodiment of Product-Lifecycle with PLM
  • Focusing on growth and growth strategy
  • Increase efficiency of sales organization and CRM
  • Multi-project management, network competence improvement
  • Restructuring of the organization, direct / indirect areas
  • Operational and organizational optimization
  • Management Operating System & Performance Management
  • Reduction of the costs of production, warranties and ex gratia payments
  • Total costs of quality / Robust design (Time to quality) / Six Sigma
  • Value Chain Excellence
  • Suppliers: Selection, Evaluation, Development, Controlling
  • Total costs of ownership, Supply Chain Management
  • Cost (in- / outbound) and controlling of logistics, Inventory Management

State-of-the-Art Performance Management leads to significant profit and cash flow improvement through operational excellence

The total consulting costs are typically covered by profit improvements by the end of a project. Year one after a project shows typically at least 3 times more profit than the one-off consulting cost i.e. Return on Investment on consulting (ROiC) 3 to 1 in year one.

Possible Approach for Performance Improvement

Typically a 2-4 weeks analysis already reveals operational and financial benefits improvement potential

The analysis follows a clear structure and focuses on improvement in EBITDA, working capital and investment. For example, a performance analysis looks like:


Perfomance Management Tools

We provide you herewith a selection of tools for performance management available as a download.